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Each and everyone at NEO Air Charter can look back on several years of hands on experience in the air cargo charter world, combined with commercial and administrative know how in various areas of the industry. This “brainpool” and our sole specialization on air cargo charters forms the foundation of NEO Air Charter.



We have the best contacts to all relevant participants in the air cargo charter world (aircraft operators, airports, handling agents worldwide) ensuring we can provide the right aircraft fitting to your requirements and the best service, whilst not having to oblige to any binding agreements, hub-structures or leases. 



We are your  one-stop source

for air cargo charters,

providing an  all inclusive service package tailored

to your individual needs. 

Your personal supervisor 

coordinates all aspects from     A-Z and keeps you informed about the progress of your flight – every step of the way. 



We know the core process of a cargo charter flight off by heart – we know where we have to use leverage along the process chain to make your charter flight a success.

We have the tools and knowledge to tackle issues before they become problems.


NEO Air Charter complies to a strict quality assurance system designed specifically to meet the needs of the air charter industry.

Like our service, our quality assurance system is dynamic – undergoing constant reviews, adjustments and improvements. 



“Our company is founded in the strong belief that the air cargo charter market due to its inherent complexity needs and deserves the utmost professional service. 


Everything we do is focused

on the satisfaction and benefit of our customers.”

Adnan Duran

Stefan Kohlmann

CEOs of the NEO Air Group



NEO Air Charter imposes upon itself the strictest compliance to national and international laws and regulations.

All our trades are legal, transparent and conducted in a fair and honest way. Furthermore, we are aware and respectful of our moral and ethical obligations, not only towards individuals we do business with, but also to the environment and to those affected directly or indirectly by our services. 

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